Quark Offers Official Preview Of Quark Xpress 6 For Mac OS X (Only)

The last holdout of all the major apps to migrate to Mac OS X, and the application that caused Apple to modify its "All new hardware sold will boot only in Mac OS X" policy, is, apparently, coming to Mac OS X. Quark has unveiled a sneak peak of Xpress 6, the next version of the biggest name in publishing.

According to Quarkis Web site, Xpress 6 will run natively in Mac OS X (and not Classic) and Windows XP, will have a wealth of new features, and offer multiple undos. Interestingly, Quark will also be crippling Xpress unless you register it with the company. Xpress 6 will offer full-resolution previews, but only if the copy you are using is registered. From Quarkis Web site.

Millions of users rely on QuarkXPress software to dramatically boost productivity, save time, and lower costs. In an effort to help you keep pace with operating system upgrades, QuarkXPress 6 has been specifically designed to run in the native Mac OS X and Windows XP environments with the innovative user interfaces of both operating systems.

QuarkXPress software users can look forward to many powerful new features in QuarkXPress 6 including enhanced undo functionality, full-resolution previews, and an intriguing way to manage complex projects, which will be described in a future update.

QuarkXPress 6 running in Mac OS X with its attractive Aqua® interface. The Multiple Undo pop-up menu on the bottom-left of the window provides a history of actions.

Multiple undo and full-resolution preview allow you to work faster and more confidently
Work with more creative confidence than ever with multiple undo/redo capability for actions that have been expanded to include:

  • Get text
  • Get picture
  • Crop to box
  • Linking and unlinking text
  • Many functions in the Layers palette

QuarkXPress 6 has also added or reorganized some menus and commands for easier use. And more useful commands have been included in the context menus to facilitate your work.

Get full-resolution preview functionality when you register your software with Quark!
After purchasing QuarkXPress 6, register online to receive an add-on that provides full-resolution preview of on-screen images.

Full-resolution preview displays images at the fileis full resolution. Scale or magnify images with minimal pixelation and position page elements more precisely.

The company has not yet announced availability, but the Xpress 6 preview page says that more details will be emerging "over the next few weeks." According to the System Requirements page, the software will require Jaguar. The windows version requires Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Availability has not yet been announced. You can find more information at Quarkis Web site.

Thanks to Observer Balin for the heads up on the information at Quarkis Web site.