Quark Photo Helper Updated

Kanzu Utilities has updated their utility for creating and managing Quark photo albums, QXP PhotoBook, to version 3.0. The application allows users to easily create complete photo albums inside of Quark, and then save the albums as a Quark or PDF document. According to Kanzu Utilities:

Kanzu Utilities this week updated QXP PhotoBook to version 3.0, which provides many new features.

QXP PhotoBook is a stand-alone utility which aids QuarkXPress users to compile catalogs of images very quickly with a minimum of setup and user interaction. Catalogs are saved as QuarkXPress documents, with an option to then save as Acrobat PDF files. Some uses for QXP PhotoBook are printing out thumbnails of images contained in a folder, or cataloguing a CD library of images to QuarkXPress files.

QXP PhotoBook accepts any image format accepted by QuarkXPress including PDF and GIF, as well as formats not supported by QuarkXPress, such as Adobe Photoshop files, by choosing to import the PICT preview of images, or by using third party XTensions. Users create catalogs by drag and dropping files or folders onto PhotoBookis window or icon.

Many formatting options are provided, allowing users to choose page size, colors, fonts, captions and headers and footers. The fully featured caption option can - by using simple tags - automatically write a variety of information about the image to the caption, such as the fileis name, size or dimensions, and more. Custom AppleScripts can extend QXP PhotoBookis capabilities by adding extra formatting options and production options such as saving as EPS files, printing, or - by using a third party XTension - save pages as HTML. The many included AppleScripts are editable.

QXP PhotoBook is available for US$15. You can find more information at the Kanzu Utilities Web site.