Quark's Andrew Dyer to Speak at AppleScript Pro Sessions

Quarkis Product Manager of Enterprise, Andrew Dyer, will be joining the lineup at the Scripting Matters AppleScript Pro training sessions scheduled for June in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Dyer will be demonstrating the dynamic publishing system QuarkXPress Server 7.

QuarkXPress Server 7 works with Quarkis professional page layout application, QuarkXPress 7, to automate the process of creating customized documents, catalogs, and one-to-one marketing pieces.

Earlier this year, Scripting Matters decided to pull its QuarkXPress coverage to make room for additional Adobe InDesign training. Ray Robertson, co-leader at Scripting Matters, said "Dropping QuarkXPress is mainly an economic decision," and added that the company was open to Quark showing off its server product.

The five day AppleScript Pro training series is being held at the Denver Newspaper Agency in Denver, Colorado, from June 18 through June 22. Additional information is available at the AppleScript Pro Web site.