Questions About Beta? You Are Not Alone

Are you one of the lucky few to have received your copy of Beta? One way or another, many thousands of Mac users will soon be running the latest version of Appleis forthcoming OS. The type of support Apple is going to provide for the product remains largely unknown, but you can get support from other OS X Beta users via The Macintosh Guyis OS X Beta mailing list. According to The Macintosh Guy:

Hello. Iim pleased to announce the Mac OS X Beta email discussion list.

Mac OS X Beta List is focused on providing discussion, support and community around the new Mac OS X Public Beta. Discussion will focus on the needs of end users dealing with real life issues.

Mac OS X Beta List joins the other lists hosted at including BusMac, MacCube, MacMP, G4, iBook, MacGames, MacUSB, MacFireWire, and Duo/2400 List.

Sending a message to will begin subscriptionto the list. Or you can fill out one of the forms at:

You can find more information at The Macintosh Guyis web site.