QueueSocket For REALbasic Developers Updated

Drew Hamlin of Vizspring Software has released a new app for Mac developers, QueueSocket 1.0.1. QueueSocket is a open-source Socket solution designed for REALbasic developers needing to improve Internet and network communications. The update features a minor bug fix. According to Drew Hamlin:

QueueSocket, the first complete open-source Socket solution for REALbasic developers, was updated to version 1.0.1 today from developer Drew Hamlin of Vizspring Software.

QueueSocket is the first and only open-source solution made available to REALbasic developers to improve Internet and network communication using the Socket control.

Version 1.0.1 fixes a bug where DataAvailable() in the instance of a class would be called, even when no data was on the queue due to incorrectly formatted incoming text.

You can find more information about the QueueSocket update at the Drew Hamlin Web site. QueueSocket 1.0.1 is available as freeware.