QuicKeys 2.1 Updated With Tool Enhancements

CE Software, Inc. has released an update for QuicKeys X2, bringing it to version 2.1. QuicKeys X2 is a utility designed for completing automated tasks. The update features tool enhancements and improved typing. According to CE Software, Inc.:

CE Software, Inc. today announced the release of QuicKeys X2 version 2.1, an update to its award winning automation utility software for Appleis Mac OS X.

QuicKeys is about productivity - yours. It offers flexible, powerful tools that automate your time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Automate anything from opening folders to typing text to launching programs. With hotkeys, timers, and custom toolbars, your ability to customize the way you work is virtually limitless. For over a decade, CE Software has been refining and rethinking QuicKeys to help you work smarter, faster, better

This update, free to registered users of version 2.0 or later, includes improved typing, recording and sequence tools making QuicKeys the best choice for automating your Macintosh.

You can find more information about the QuicKeys X2 update at the CE Software, Inc. Web site. QuicKeys X2 2.1 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$99.95.