QuickBooks Returns To The Mac After Four Years

Intuit have announced that QuickBooks will be coming back to the Mac, and is expected for early 2003. It has been about four years since Intuit announced that there would be no more Mac support. From their press release:

"We listened to our customers and they have spoken loud and clear. They want a Mac OS X compatible version of QuickBooks," said Dan Levin, vice president and general manager of QuickBooks Financial Solutions. "Weire thrilled to be giving customers what theyive been asking for."

Intuit expects to release an updated version of QuickBooks for the Mac in Q1 2003 due to increased demand for Mac OS X compatibility. QuickBooks Pro Edition 5.0 for Mac will be built for Mac OS X and will also support Mac OS 9. Additional product details will be disclosed at a later date. Thereafter, Intuit expects to release a new version of QuickBooks for the Mac on approximately an annual basis. Intuit last released QuickBooks Pro 4.0 for Mac, which the company continues to support.

Although there is no detailed information about the new Mac version, you can register at the QuickBooks Web site to receive product information and updates when those details become available.