QuickTime Effects Pack Updated

Bueno Software has updated their set of QuickTime effects, Effects Pack 1, to version 1.5. The Effects Pack includes six filters and four transitions for use with an QuickTime editing applications. The new version promises faster performance by adding support for the G4is AltiVec processing units. According to Bueno Software:

Buena Software, Inc. is pleased toannounce the release of Effects Pack 1 v1.5 today. This update to EffectsPack 1 increases the quality of the effects, and significantly increasesthe processing speed of the effects. Also included in this update issupport for the AltiVec unit for maximum processing speed on G4 basedcomputers when you purchase the full version.

Effects Pack 1 is a set of 6 filters and 4 transitions that can be usedwith any QuickTime capable video editing application that supportsQuickTime effects, to make your movies look better.

The Effects Pack 1 is available for US$30. You can find more information at the Bueno Software Web site.