QuickTime Mixer Update Fron VIDVOX

VIDVOX has released an update for VDMX, bringing it to version 2. VDMX is a QuickTime video mixer designed for multi-media presentations. The new version features the popular crossfade effect and tactile control over scrubbing. According to VIDVOX:

VIDVOX a company dedicated to multimedia research, development and services, is proud to announce the major update of its flagship product, VDMX 2 QuickTime Mixer for Macintosh. VDMX 2 is a robust software-based video mixer optimized for realtime control and mixing of any audio visual material. VDMX 2 can seamlessly mix live video with disk-based QuickTime files, a feat which was previously only possible using dedicated hardware or slow rendering -- with VDMX 2, all mixing and effects happen in real-time, completely in software.

You can find more information about VDMX at the VIDVOX W eb site. VDMX 2 is available for US$499.00.