QuickTime VR Authoring Solution Adds Support For Nikon Cameras

Kaidan Incorporated has announced that their Photographic VR hardware will now support two new digital cameras from Nikon, the Coolpix 880 and 995 Cameras. The new hardware will provide QTVR content creators with more options for development. According to Kaidan:

Kaidan Incorporated announced today panoramic tripod head support for Nikonis popular Coolpix 880 digital camera and Nikonis latest high-end prosumer digital camera, the Nikon Coolpix 995. With the introduction of the Kaidan KiWi 995, KiWi 880 and corresponding upgrade kits, content creation professionals, web developers and photographers can create immersive imaging content with a variety of panoramic software solutions.

The Kaidan KiWi 880 and 995 builds upon the successful Kaidan KiWi 990 and provides an innovative indexing mechanism with interchangeable detent discs that provide increments from 2 through 22 positions. Each tripod head comes with 4 detent discs (2, 5, 14, 18), a camera mounting slider that keeps the camera level and helps to position the camera to accommodate the standard lens, the Nikon 24mm wide angle lens, the Nikon 8mm fisheye lens or any third-party add-on lens.

Owners of the KiWi 990 can purchase upgrade kits for either the Coolpix 880 or Coolpix 995. The upgrade kits include the appropriate camera mounting slider for either the 880 or the 995 and labeling that shows the proper mounting location for the various Nikon lenses. In the case of the KiWi 880 upgrade, an additional camera mounting knob (used to secure the camera to the bracket) is provided as well.

Customers can also purchase bundled solutions from Kaidan that include tripods, carrying cases and panoramic stitching software from Apple, VR Toolbox, MGI and other companies. In all cases, the imaging software offered by Kaidan does not impose a per-image fee or click-fee in order to create a panoramic image. Users can create as many panoramic images as they like and need only pay once for the software application that is used to create these images.

The new KiWi 880 and 995 units will be available for US$199.95, and should be ready by the end of September. You can find more information at the Kaidan Web site.