QuickerTek Adds Dr. Bott Antenna Compatibility To Older AirPort Base Stations

QuickerAir has developed a new cable that allows users of older AirPort base stations to connect to one of Dr. Bottis ExtendAIR antennas, resulting in an increase in connection strength of up to 30%. From QuickerTek:

QuickerTek, developers of PowerBook(tm) and Power Mac(tm) antennas and external antennas for both the Graphite, Snow and Extreme Airport Base Stations, are shipping a new cable that when added to any wireless Base Station from Dr. Bott, boosts signal strength by up to 30%. Dr. Bott antennas were formerly not capable of working with all Apple Airport Base Stations. This new wireless antenna is $34.95 at QuickerTek dealers.

This QuickerTek cable upgrade was designed to enhance the original design and to allow the Dr. Bott ExtendAIR Direct Antenna and Omni Antennas to work with all Apple Airport Base Stations. These antennas in their stock form cannot work with all Airport Base Station models. This cable adds complete Airport compatibility, to include the Graphite, Snow as well as both Airport Extreme Base Stations. The Dr. Bott antenna owner can use this product and the included instructions to further enhance the power of the Dr. Bott product. Additional Dr. Bott enhancement instructions have been on the QuickerTek website for some months now and have been recently upgraded to version 2.

This is a user-installable kit that requires a soldering iron. Customers who do not want to perform the installation themselves, can send their antenna to QuickerTek for $25 installation (plus shipping) and get 24 hour turnaround.

QuickerTekis kit for connecting a Dr. Bott antenna to an older AirPort base station is available now for US$34.95.