QuickerTek Brings Cantenna To AirPort Users

Fans of wireless networking have probably heard of the Cantenna, a powerful signal-boosting antenna originally made with an empty Pringles can. QuickerTek is bringing this affordable, powerful antenna to users of Appleis AirPort base station and other Apple products. From QuickerTek:

QuickerTek has combined technology with Wireless Garden to bring powerful directional wireless antenna technology to the ever-growing group of Apple Airport users. This high-performance directional antenna technology was not previously available to Mac users, especailly those who required longer distance wireless networking.

QuickerTek has a large number of Apple Airport compatible wireless antenna products for Mac users, and the Super Cantenna technology is a natural extension of its product line. This antenna technology is so appealing that when Time magazine ran a story about the wireless networking phenomenon in the October 28, 2002 issue, Cantenna was included.

Specifically, Super Cantenna is a 12dbi 2.4GHz directional wireless antenna that really pulls in signals in environments where Apple Airport and Airport Extreme users have had difficulty making connections in the past. The directional functionality offers high gain for network users who are furthest from the Base Station. Users are excited about the full Airport compatibility ? from Apple PowerBook G4s ? both Titanium and Aluminum as well as desktops like the Power Mac G5, and even slot-loading iMacs and iBooks. Of course, it is Mac OS X compatible. Cantenna can also be used with Apple Airport and Airport Extreme Base Stations.

Rick Estes, president, QuickerTek said, "The Super Cantenna antenna brings another level of WiFi performance to Mac users everywhere. Itis very satisfying to offer an expanding product line to the Mac wireless community. Super Cantenna is compatible with all Mac-enabled wireless products," Estes continued.

Cantenna consists of a 12-inch main tube antenna body. This antenna body is made from weather-resistant UV coated metal and can be mounted outside ? usually under eaves and overhangs - where networking outdoors is possible. An optional aluminum tripod for positioning the antenna; a number of custom-designed cables that attach directly to a computer or Airport Base Station; impedance adapters and user/installation instructions are also included with Cantenna purchases. An optional 8-foot, low-loss extension cable makes optimal Cantenna placement easy.

You can find more information about the Super Cantenna and other wireless-enhancing products at QuickerTekis Web site. The Super Cantenna is available now for between US$69.95 and US$149.95.