QuickerTek Shipping New Antenna For Aluminum PowerBooks

QuickerTek is now shipping new antennas for PowerBook users. The Whip Antenna is designed to expand the wireless range of a laptop from an AirPort or other wireless base station. The 12-inch 5Dbi omni directional antenna can effectively boost ranges up to 250 yards, and ships with all necessary cables and tools. According to QuickerTek:

QuickerTek(tm), developers of PowerBook(tm) antennas for Apple titanium and aluminum PowerBooks and external antennas for the Graphite, Snow and Extreme Airport Base Stations, are now ready to ship the Whip Antenna for the 12-inch aluminum PowerBook.

The exclusive wireless signal technology of the Whip Antenna typically increases signal strength up to 50%, and increases line-of-sight distance by an average of 250 yards.

The antenna kit includes a 5Dbi omni-directional whip antenna including all of the necessary connections as well as illustrated installation instructions. Now with the Whip Antenna, 12-inch PowerBook users donit have to settle for iaveragei wireless network performance. Getting the antenna outside the confines of the small metal PowerBook case greatly improves the wireless signal strength and range.

You can find more information about the Whip Antenna at the QuickerTek Web site. The Whip Antenna is available for US$89.95.