QuickerTek Shipping New Antenna For TiBook Users

QuickerTek is now shipping new antennas for PowerBook users. The 8Dbi antenna is designed to expand the wireless range of a laptop from an AirPort or other wireless base station. The omni directional antenna can effectively boost ranges three fold, and ships with all necessary cables and tools, including software for measuring wireless performance. According to QuickerTek:

QuickerTek(tm), developers of wireless antennas for Titanium PowerBooks(tm) and external antennas for all Apple Airport(tm) Base Stations is now shipping an 8 Dbi directional TiBook antenna, extending the range of Airport cards and/or third party Wi-Fi PCards with external antenna ports. This directional 8Dbi antenna triples the range of omni antenna designs.

Both PowerBook G4 users as well as PowerBook G3 Pismo owners can add wireless range with this new directional antenna. By aligning the antenn with the Base Station, this directional antenna allows users to fine-tune their networks for optima signal strength as well as data transmission rates. This new directional antenna replaces the QuickerTek Stub antenna in the product lineup. The Stub was a very small external antenna that was optimized for both size and cost.

You can find more information about the new 8Dbi antenna at the QuickerTek Web site. The antenna is available for US$55.00.