QuickerTek Transceiver Takes Mac mini Wireless up to One Mile

Ten days after boosting the Mac miniis AirPort reception with a 5.5dBi external wireless antenna, QuickerTek has started shipping a 27dBm antenna that it says can hit access points up to a mile away.

"We needed maximum wireless for our trio of Mac Minis inside our own office. We tried one of our 27dBm Transceivers just to see how much they helped our network. It worked so well we had to let our customers in on it," said QuickerTek president, Rick Estes.

The new 27dBm Transceiver costs $180 and works with both 802.11b and 802.11g networks. The transceiver has an RF output of 500mW, compared to 30mW with Appleis AirPort products.