QuickerTek Unveils External 802.11n Base Station Antenna

QuickerTek announced the immediate availability of the QuickerTek N Antenna Upgrade for Appleis AirPort Extreme 802.11n Base Station on Monday. The upgrade adds an array of external antennas to the Base Station that QuickerTek claims will boost 802.11n performance.

QuickerTek N Antenna Upgrade

The kit includes an 802.11n external antenna array, a four-foot coax cable, and installation manual. Once installed, the Base Station also maintains backward compatibility with 802.11 b and g networks.

The QuickerTek N Antenna Upgrade is available as a self-installed kit for US$129.95, as a QuickerTek-installed option on your own Base Station for $179.95, or pre-installed on a new Base Station for $349.95.