QuizMaker Pro Gets New Features

MacMuse Software has updated their quiz and test construction program, QuizMaker Pro, to version 4.0. QuizMaker Pro allows teachers to easily build quizzes and analyze results for simple grading. The new version adds a "Short Answer" feature and also offers a host of printing improvements. According to MacMuse:

MacMuse Software, Shareware for Education, announces the release of version 4.0 of QuizMaker Pro, the all-in-one quiz application for the Macintosh. This major upgrade to the popular shareware program adds a ?Short Answer? module, improved printing, an easier student interface, test analysis, and graphical enhancements. A manual, as well as online help, is included with the download.

QuizMaker Pro 4.0 is a full-featured Macintosh application which generates, administers, archives, and scores multiple choice, matching, and short answer tests. In this program, the user (teacher) can:

  • Create and save multiple choice, matching, or short answer tests.
  • Edit previous tests.
  • Have the computer administer the tests to students, notify students of their scores, allow them to review missed questions.
  • Teacher can see individual student scores and analyze scores by test or by class..
  • Print copies of the test or print the scores for the class.
  • Include pictures and/or explanations to accompany each question.
  • Analyse test results by class or by test.
  • Use many other features.

QuizMaker Pro is available for US$18. You can find more information at the MacMuse Software Web site.