RAILhead Design Updates SpamStopper With Improved Validity Detection

RAILhead Design has released an update for SpamStopper, bringing it to version 1.4.0. SpamStopper is a utility designed to prevent spambots from harvesting email contacts from Web sites. The update features performance enhancements including address validity detection and version checking. According to RAILhead Design:

RAILhead Design is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SpamStopper v1.4.0, a web designeris utility that will help keep email harvesting spambots from grabbing email addresses from your Website.

SpamStopper encodes the text of your email address (in one of eight HTML or JavaScript formats) so that it no longer looks like an email address in your HTML, which makes all the current harvesting spambots ignore it when they scan internet pages. Basically, indexing spiders look for certain email address-identifying characters, and SpamStopper makes it so that those characters aren’t displayed -- it’s pretty much that simple.

Changes in v1.4.0 include:

  • SpamStopper now detects whether or not the entered email address is valid by making sure thereis an "@" and a "." in the string
  • HTML Link Display Text is no longer a requirement for encoding to proceed -- if the encoded HTML is for a graphic, thereis no need to have visible text
  • Created a new icon (Hormelis touchy about their canned meat)
  • New save feature: data is now saved and accessible in the popup menus next to the associated text fields for future use
  • Added version checking capability
  • Added more preference items: Auto-update checking and window size/position remembering
  • Moved the format popup to the left of the "Convert" button for a more "flowing" interface
  • Other minor tweaks and tucks

You can find more information about the SpamStopper update at the RAILhead Design Web site. SpamStopper is available as freeware.