RAM Based Database Server Now PowerPC Native

ProVUE Development has updated their ultra-fast RAM based database server, Panorama, to version 4.0. Rather than using a hard drive for storage and data access the Panorama system stores all critical information in RAM allowing for a much faster experience. According to ProVUE Development:

ProVUE Development announces the release of Panorama 4.0, introduced today. The new RAM-based database processor, available for the first time for Windows PC systems, is more than 100,000 times faster than traditional disk-based systems for many critical operations.

Instead of using the relatively slow hard drive, Panorama operates on data directly in the computeris high speed RAM. By eliminating the bottleneck of the mechanical components in a hard drive, Panorama accelerates every operation, including sorting, searching, summarizing, importing, data manipulation and changes to database structure. Typical current system configurations allow all but the very largest database applications to be handled using RAM memory. A typical 32 megabyte RAM allocation, for example, allows a mailing list with over one-half million names and addresses.

"Most database software still relies heavily on magnetic disk technology first introduced with mainframes in the 1960is" says James Rea, president of ProVUE Development. "Itis as if the last two decades of Mooreis law didnit apply to database applications. With Panorama, database users can take full advantage of the productivity gains made possible by todayis 1Ghz+ processors and memory, saving both time and money."

Key Product Features:

  • Super fast RAM based searching, sorting, and data manipulation.
  • Crosstabs and data outlines.
  • Fully relational.
  • Full suite of graphic tools including buttons, menus, images, movies, and elastic forms.
  • Bar, line, area, pie and scatter charts.
  • Complete programming language, interface builder and development tools.
  • High speed import/export.
  • Extensive documentation, samples, and over 3 hours of video included on the CD.
  • Seamless cross platform operation allows databases to be developed and deployed on both PC (Windows) and Macintosh systems.

Panorama is available for US$299. You can find more information at the ProVUE Development Web site.