RAW Build 6 Release Features WMP9 Support

Bitcartel has released an update for RAW 1.0, bringing it to build number 6. RAW is a utility designed for recording Internet audio files. The update features several enhancements including support for WindowsMediaPlayer 9. According to Bitcartel:

Bitcartel updates RAW 1.0, an Internet audio recorder that saves to MP4-AAC, with support for WindowsMedia.

By installing Microsoftis WindowsMediaPlayer 9, RAW will be able to record Real, Windows, QuickTime, Flash, MP3 and other media formats. Multiple news webcasts, music videos, movie trailers and net radio can be recorded simultaneously as MP4-AAC, compatible with iTunes and iPods.

With RAW 1.0 you can:

  • Record Internet audio as MP4-AAC (iPod compatible)
  • Make multiple recordings at the same time
  • Split recordings manually, or automatically by time
  • AppleScript support

Support for:

  • RealAudio / RealVideo
  • Windows media
  • QuickTime media
  • Flash web content
  • MP3, M3U, EXTM3U streaming net radio
  • Midi Web sounds

You can find more information about the RAW update at the Bitcartel Web site. RAW is available for US$20.00.