Picture a serene suburban morning of not-too-many years ago where tree-lined streets course through lush, green acres of well-kept lawns. Birds sing greetings to the Sun as it slowly rolls out of its eastern bed. Milkmen trade empty bottles for full ones, and the Prince of the Morning, the neighborhood paperboy, tosses the world, neatly rolled into a tight cylinder, into flower beds, birdbaths, and through perfectly good glass windows.

Ahhh! The good old days!

What fun we had checking out the front page of our local news rag. You could tell what was going on in the world that was important just by reading the front page headlines. Today we are primarily reduce to gleaning what our local papers contains through the plexiglass of a corner newspaper vending machine, or by stealing quick glances over the shoulder of the guy standing next to you on the subway.

Of course, you can still get your local newspaper delivered, but why bother if all you want to look at is the front page?

Funny you should ask that, because thatis the subject of this installment of iA Cool Waste of Timei.

What if we told you that you could read the front page of every major newspaper from more than 300 cities in the US, and several international papers as well, through the convenience and marvel that is the Internet and a Web browser (preferably, Appleis Safari, or Netscapeis FireFox)?

Would you jump at the chance to do so? Of course you would! Then you should check out Newseum.orgis Front pages, which literally lists, pictorially, the front pages of the Delta Democrat Times, the Erie Times-News, and more than 300 others.

Whatis New In Kalamazoo?

Just think: If one front page can give you an idea of whatis new in the world while we slept, ten front pages may give you..., umm, more time to waste, but itis oh-so-cool!

Mouse over any of the presented pages and a larger version appears with the name of the city and publisher. Click on a front page and a new window appears containing an even larger view of the page. Click of the name of the newspaper in the enlarge window, and you get an even larger, print-readable version.

So, now you have no excuse not to stay on top of current events. Well, at least youill know which events are important; forget the details.

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