REAKTOR Plug-In Features New Instruments

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS has released a plug-in for REAKTOR 3, REAKTOR ELECTRONICS INSTRUMENTS VOL. 1. The REAKTOR plug-in features a set of instruments including three synthesizers and a drum machine. According to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS:


REAKTOR ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS VOL.1 is an exciting set of new instruments for REAKTOR 3 and features seven versatile instruments designed to inject creativity and freshness into techno, industrial, drum and bass, electro, IDM, and electronic productions.

Three powerful synthesizers, three unique effects, and a drum machine are packed with presets and ready to resonate. An inspiring resource for all electronic music producers, REAKTOR ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS excels at driving basslines and dense atmospheres, futuristic leads and faraway delays, potent rhythms and poetic sequences.

You can find more information about the REAKTOR ELECTRONICS INSTRUMENTS VOL. 1 release at the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site. REAKTOR ELECTRONICS INSTRUMENTS VOL. 1 is available for US$69.00.