REALVIZ Now Shipping MatchMover 3.0

REALVIZ has released a new version of MatchMover Professional, bringing it to version 3.0. MatchMover is a tool designed for 3D motion controlled animation used in professional film and broadcast environments. The latest release features support for OS X and other enhancements including multiple camera and object tracking. According to REALVIZ

REALVIZ, a leader in image processing software development, announced today the release of MatchMover Professional 3.0 for Mac OS X.

REALVIZ MatchMover Professional is the professional way to automatically track 3D camera data and motion from videos and film sequences, whilst offering users the ability to move smoothly back and forth between Automatic and Manual processes, with no interruption of workflow, providing the ease of automatic tracking, with the precision control matchmoving professionals demand.

In addition to a significantly enhanced interface, offering users a fresher and smoother workflow approach, version 3.0 also encompasses an array of additional new features, which have been designed in close collaboration with leading post production houses in Europe and Hollywood. These include:

  • The handling of motion control data
  • 3D object model-based tracking
  • 3D tracking of cameras and multiple objects in the same session
  • The handling of survey points
  • A new graph editor toolbox
  • Motion capture

You can find more information about the latest MatchMover Professional release at the REALVIZ Web site. MatchMover Professional will is available for US$2,000.00.