REALVIZ Shipping ReTimer SD For Slow-Mo Video

REALVIZ has released a new app for Mac users, ReTimer SD. ReTimer SD is a video application designed for slow motion image alterations. The app features the ability to create frames in-between existing ones for fluid playback. The SD version is an entry level version of the pro ReTimer. According to REALVIZ:

REALVIZ®, a leader in image processing software development, is pleased to announce the availability of REALVIZ ReTimer® SD for Mac® OSX.

ReTimer SD is an ientryi retiming solution, drawing on the powerful engine central to the award-winning high-end software application, REALVIZ ReTimer, and provides a one-stop solution for any type of time warping, whilst retaining the highest quality output.

With an innovative technology that enables the calculation of each pixel move, ReTimer SD automatically generates new frames in between existing frames, enabling high quality slow downs or speed-ups, and all without the need for expensive slow motion cameras.

You can find more information about the ReTimer SD release at the REALVIZ Web site. ReTimer SD is available for US$790.00.