REAL Software Joins Sponsor List For uDevGame Development Contest

Our friends at iDevGames have brought on another sponsor for the uDevGame 2001 Mac game development contest. REAL Software has hopped on board and added REALbasic Standard and REALbasic Professional to the prize list. According to iDevGames:

iDevGames is proud to announce REAL Softwareis support for uDevGame 2001 - the Macintosh game programming contest.

REAL Software announced today that it would become an official sponsor of uDevGame 2001, the Macintosh game programming contest created by iDevGames. With the addition of the powerful new 3D engine, RbScript, and the many other enhancements and improvements to REALbasic in version 3.5, itis an even better tool for creating fantastic games for the Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows.", said Geoff Perlman, President and CEO of REAL Software. "Weire very excited to be supporting the Mac game development community through sponsorship of the uDevGame 2001 contest. We all love games and look forward to seeing the results!"

uDevGame 2001 was organized to help highlight the talents and abilities of the Macintosh game development community. "REALbasic has enabled many Macintosh users to enter the field of game development. We are extremely excited to have REAL Software on board as an official sponsor of uDevGame 2001 and look forward to seeing more entries utilizing REALbasic." said Carlos Camacho, Editor-in-Chief of iDevGames. "Support by the Macintosh community for uDevGame 2001 has been wonderful and new game entries are being added every week. In addition, REAL Softwareis prizes have helped push the total prize pool to over $4,200 (US)!"

iDevGames would also like to thank and acknowledge the generous support provided by uDevGame 2001is sponsors:
Aladdin Systems, Inc.
Digital Technology International
IK Multimedia
Onyx Technology, Inc.
REAL Software
Replica Technology
STAZ Software
Strata Software

You can get more information on uDevGame 2001 at the iDevGames Web site.