REAL to Add Cocoa, Universal Binary Support to REALbasic

REAL Software has revealed that later this year it will add support for Cocoa, Appleis Mac OS X software development framework, to its software development environment REALbasic. The company will also include support for Universal Binaries, which enable applications to run on Macs with Intel or PowerPC processors.

"Cocoa support will enable us to incorporate great new technologies from Apple more quickly and more easily than ever before, and will result in better, more feature-rich software for Mac OS X," REAL CEO Geoff Perlman said in a statement.

REAL said it is building a new REALbasic platform layer based on Cocoa, and third party REALbasic plug-in developers will Cocoa as well. The company will ship the updated version of the development environment via REALbasic Rapid Release, and all customers with current update plans at that time will receive the upgrade for free.

REALbasic pricing starts at US$99.99. The Professional Edition, which is required to deploy applications that run on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, starts at $399.95.