REALbasic Enhancement Software Updated

Essence Software has announced an update for SuperSocket, 2.0.3. SuperSocket is a third-party tool for enhancing the REALbasic development environment. The new version has new features as well as minor bug fixes. According to Essence Software:

SuperSocket is a networking toolkit for REALbasic. It provides a collection of classes that can be used to build network-aware applications. SuperSocket enhances REALbasicis networking support, and adds new protocols currently unavailable in REALbasic, including:

  • UDP - The connectionless datagram protocol used over the internet. Good for high performance applications as it incurs less overhead than TCP/IP. Also supports broadcasting & multicasting of datagrams to multiple machines on an IP network.
  • ICMP - low-level messaging support over IP. ICMP is the protocol used in Ping operations.
  • DNS Name Resolution - resolve names to addresses and addresses to names.
  • Superior listening support - The connection-oriented protocols implemented in SuperSocket employ an active listening approach to listening for connections, as opposed to the passive one used by the REALbasic Socket control. This is achieved through the use of Listener classes which are bound to ports and names (dependant on the protocol.) New connections are received by the Listener classes and passed off to Endpoint objects created to handle them. This allows you to continue listening while you are handling a new connection. Any intermediate incoming connections are queued until you are ready to handle them.
  • AppleTalk - AppleTalk support is completely unavailable at present in REALbasic, which makes SuperSocket essential for any developers wanting their applications to communicate over AppleTalk.

SuperSocket 2.0.3 features the following improvements:

  • Fixed UDPEndpoint MulticastTTL and MulticastLoopback properties
  • Added UseLocalAddress to TCPEndpoint, TCPListener & UDPEndpoint to support multi-homing. When UseLocalAddress is set to True, you may specify an IP address to the LocalAddress property which will be used when binding the endpoints. This ensures that the endpoints are bound on the appropriate network interface.
  • Fixed memory leak in AppleTalkBrowser caused by StartSearch method
  • Fixed bug in AppleTalkBrowser that resulted in duplication of remote addresses
  • Improved re-usability of TCPEndpoint, ADSPEndpoint, UDPEndpoint and DDPEndpoint objects
  • Added LastErrorCode properties to all endpoint & listener classes
  • Fixed a bug in the NBPAddress class that could result in a crash
  • Various improvements to example projects

You can find more information about SuperSocket and download a 30 day demo at the Essence Software Web site.