REALbasic Plug-in Helps 3D Game Developers

Joe Strout, creater of the popular Meshwork application, has released a new REALbasic plug-in, Rb3D. Rb3D provides a fairly robust 3D engine for REALbasic programmers, thus opening the door for a new wave of 3D game designers. iDevGames has posted a closer look at the latest REALbasic addition. According to iDevGames:

A Quick Look

Rb3D contains four classes and one control. Thatis it! Weill get into some detail below, but basically, thereis a control for defining the view and the camera thatis creating that view, and four classes that define 3D points, orientations, objects and groups of objects. As stated above, if you are familiar with REALbasic, youill feel right at home with the syntax.

Rb3D allows you to control all the basic properties of a 3d entity: position, orientation, size and visibility. It also provides basic camera, light and environment controls. Rb3D runs on top of Appleis now defunct QuickDraw 3D or the open source, multi-platform replacement, Quesa. Quesa runs on top of OpenGL. The good news is that having it built upon two open-source graphic platforms allows Real Software to add enhancements that are incorporated into Quesa by other programmers.

You can find more information about Rb3D, and read the entire article, at the iDevGames Web site.