RE:Vision Effects' FieldsKit 1.5 Improves After Effects Performance, More

RE:Vision Effects has released FieldsKit 1.5, an update to its video deinterlacer for use with Adobe After Effects-compatible applications, such as discreetis Combustion, Appleis Final Cut Pro and more. This update, which is free for current users, eliminates the need in After Effects to set the separate fields in the Interpret Footage settings of a clip to off. It also gets rid of the need for Combustion users to set that applicationis field separation of source footage to "No Fields."

FieldsKit 1.5 also fixes several bugs. The full software is US$89.95. It works with After Effects 5.0, Final Cut Pro 1.2.5, Commotion 4.1 or Combustion 2.1 or higher.