RE:Vision Effects Supports AE 6.0 On Twixtor And RE:Flex

RE:Vision Effects has announced support for After Effects 6.0 with Twixtor and RE:Flex. Twixtor is an effect utility designed for slowing down digital video. RE:Flex is a Shake plug-in designed for warping and morphing animation effects. According to RE:Vision Effects:

RE:Vision Effects has incorporated new features in its Twixtor and RE:Flex plug-ins to support Adobe® After Effects® 6.0, the latest version of the award-winning motion graphics and visual effects software product announced this week.

These new features make the After Effects plug-in versions of Twixtor and RE:Flex even more intuitive and easy-to-use when working within After Effects 6.0.

Twixtor is RE:Vision Effectsi widely acclaimed product that intelligently slows down, speeds up or changes the frame rate of image sequences. RE:Flex is RE:Vision Effectsi warping and morphing plug-in solution.

You can find more information about Twixtor and RE:Flex at the RE:Vision Effects Web site. Twixtor is available starting at US$329.00, and RE:Flex is available for US$595.00.