Rack Your Discs In This Joint

Marathon Computer has released a rackmount to store CDs and DVDs with a jukebox. It can store and share 200 discs over a network. According to Marathon:

Marathon Computer, Inc., introduces the JukeJoint, a rackmount created exclusively for the PowerFile C200 DVD/CD Jukebox.

Marathonis JukeJoint is a cunning companion for the PowerFile C200 DVD/CD Jukebox. Its tough construction and lean design lets you fill your Jukebox to maximum capacity and then rackmount it in just 5U of rack space.

Long-time customer William Covert of MedConcepts, Inc. states, "While I was immediately impressed with the Jukeboxis ability to store and share up to 200 discs over a network, I couldnit find a way to integrate the machine into my workstation. I was elated to discover the JukeJoint. Within a barely noticeable framework, it ably supports one my biggest peripherals."

JukeJoint features include:

  • Custom fit for your PowerFile C200 DVD/CD Jukebox
  • 5RU tall x 17" deep for standard 19" rack
  • Front-rail mounting
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Jet black electrocoat finish
  • Two step installation
  • Weight: 4 lbs. (8 lbs. as packaged for shipping)
  • Total weight in your rack: about 36 lbs., fully loaded

JukeJoint is available for US$125. You can find more information at the Marathon Web site.