RadTech Intros ScreenSavrz for Cinema Displays, StuffBak Recovery Service

RadTech on Friday introduced a new series of ScreenSavrz made to fit Appleis 20-, 23- and 30-inch Cinema Displays, as well as StuffBak, a service that helps users recover lost devices. The new ScreenSavrz are available in Titanium Grey and Aqua colors, with prices starting at US$38.95, and are designed to be used as both screen protectors and screen polishers.

The StuffBak service consists of labels that users can place on their gear; RadTech includes one label with all Web orders and sells additional labels for $1.95 each. Each label shows a unique ID number and a phone number. Anyone who finds a lost device with a StuffBak label calls the phone number and provides the ID number; RadTech arranges for a courier to pick up the equipment or directs the finder to a drop-off center.

Finders receive $20 worth of StuffBak labels from RadTech, in addition to any cash reward specified by the owner. Owners activate their labels at the RadTech Web site, where they can also change their cash reward at any time.

The new ScreenSavrz