Raising Money Can Be Fun

FUNDimensions has updated the fund raising management software of the same name to version 3.4. The new version allows non-profit rundraising groups to more easily organize and track fundraising campaigns. According to FUNDimensions:

FUNDimensions is a database application for small and medium-size nonprofit organizations engaged in fundraising. It helps to raise more money and streamline fundraising tasks, while providing crucial organization and record-keeping.

FUNDimensions 3.4 has improvements for removing and preventing duplicate records. This reduces mailing costs and improves the accuracy of donor reports.

Version Details:
The on-the-fly duplicate checking in previous versions checked for new records with similar names or companies. This checking takes place in the background while a new record is being entered. Version 3.4 also detects records with a duplicate street address and zipcode combination.

The other duplicate query can be initiated anytime, and it now also detects records with identical address/zipcode combinations. To speed up the culling de-duping process, there is a new capability for marking record pairs as "not duplicates", to prevent specific pairs from appearing in the results of queries for duplicate records.

FUNDimensions is available for US$1,595. You can find more information at the FUNDimensions web site.