RapidDispatch Beta Released From Jiiva, Inc.

Jiiva, Inc. has released the first public beta version of RapidDispatch 1.0. RapidDispatch is a messaging system designed for email and file exchange. The beta version features a message server, application frameworks, and other functions. According to Jiiva, Inc:

Jiiva, Inc., announces RapidDispatch 1.0 Beta, a fast, reliable, and extendable messaging service. RapidDispatchis real-time data distribution is designed for synchronization and Publish & Subscribe architectures between applications.

RapidDispatch is Jiivais first commercial solution built using Jiivais advanced Messaging & Queuing technology, RapidMQ.

RapidDispatch contains a message server, frameworks to be included in applications, and an administrative application that runs on Mac OS X. Also included is a specific implementation used for WebObjects 4.5.1 and 5.1. The WebObjects solution is designed to take advantage of the advanced caching abilities of Enterprise Objects Framework.

You can find more information about the RapidDispatch beta release at the Jiiva, Inc. Web site. RapidDispatch pricing starts at US$999.99 for ten connections.