Rating Radio Stations in iTunes

A friend recently asked me if it is possible to apply ratings to radio stations in iTunes. You most certainly can, but not when you view stations by selecting Radio in the iTunes source column. Hereis what you need to do:

  • Click the plus button in the bottom left corner of the iTunes window to add a new Playlist.
  • Give your Playlist a name that makes sense to you. I named mine "01 Radio Stations" so that it stays at the top of my alphabetized Playlists.
  • Click Radio to display iTunesi collection of radio stations.
  • Drag the stations you want to rate into your newly created Playlist.

Use your own Playlists to rate radio stations in iTunes.

Any radio station in your Playlist can be assigned a one- to five-star rating, just like the music and videos in your iTunes library.

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