Raven Software Announces Add-On For Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

The popular Quake III engine built Star Trek game, called Star Trek Voyager Elite Force, is about to get a new expansion. Raven Software, the gameis developer, announced that they have begun development of an expansion. Here is the juice on this announcement direct from the companyis Press Release:

The official Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force add-on pack will offer players a variety of diverse gameplay experiences. For the first time ever, Trekkers will be able to explore an interactive 3D recreation of Voyageris interior in Tour Mode. Once aboard, players will have unrestricted access to 15 decks of the ship, including the bridge, officer quarters, holodecks, the transporter room, Hazard Team crew quarters, sickbay, astrometrics, the shuttlebay and engineering. Additionally, many of the shipis systems and all of the crew will be interactive. Players can perform complex tasks like initiating Voyageris self-destruct sequence or shutting down the warp core, along with finding secret items, hidden objectives, and mini-games. Once players finish touring the ship, they can hone their Hazard Team skills in two new single player campaigns - a Captain Proton holo-novel and an assault on a Klingon compound.

Multiplayer also benefits from the new add-on pack with 17 additional multiplayer maps and 12 new models. The Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force add-on will also feature two new game mods. In a new class-based team game, players will be able to select a character class (i.e. security, medical, engineering…) with unique skill bonuses to complement their style of play. Additionally, in the assimilate mode, a group of players have to neutralize a lone Borg invader before they become assimilated.

This add-on has been scheduled for a spring 2001 release and if you would like some more information visit gaming.startrek.com.