Rayman 3 To Be Ported To The Mac

Feral Interactive has announced the development and upcoming release of Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc for the Mac platform. Rayman, originally developed by UbiSoft, pits the title character against the evil army of Hoodlums. According to Feral Interactive:

Feral Interactive announced today that it will publish, Ubi Soft?s smash hit game Rayman? 3 Hoodlum Havoc on the Macintosh platform.

Rayman one of computer-gaming?s best-loved characters is coming to the Mac for the very first time. He?s stepping up to the big time with his biggest and best adventure yet - Hoodlum Havoc with a whole range of new weapons and powers.

In the game, Rayman?s tireless quest to defend the World from evil in all its dastardly forms continues against the Hoodlums, a fanatical army that would like nothing more than to see Rayman on the business end of a Hoodmonger?s Boomstick rifle.

Thrust into the most harrowing challenge of his adventuring career, Rayman, the hero with no arms or legs must explore strange, eye-poppingly beautiful worlds packed with zany comedy in a search for clues to defeat the unruly Hoodlum horde in this graphically beautiful cartoon-combat 3D platform adventure. Featuring the voice of John Leguizamo as Globox.

You can find more information about Rayman at the Feral Interactive Web site. Rayman will be available for purchase before Christmas.