Reach More Customers With Your E-Commerce Enabled Site

Digi-Net has updated their e-commerce software, Groopz E-Commerce, to version 2.0. Groopz E-Commerce allows Web masters to monitor and track useris behavior, while also providing the ability to directly contact potential customers. According to Digi-Net:

Digi-Net Technologies today announced the immediate release and availability of Groopz v2.0. Groopz enables eBusinesses to increase sales, improve customer loyalty and reduce costs by enabling sales reps to communicate with online visitors through text-based dialogue. Groopz is uniquely positioned with patent-pending technology that allows sales representatives to monitor a web sites traffic in real-time, automatically qualify the best prospects, and to proactively initiate a sales dialogue with the prospect. Groopz requires no special browser software, plug-ins, or other downloads.

With the current decline of online sales, eBusinesses are realizing that they need to find a solution to increase customer service on the Web not only to stay ahead of the competition, but also to keep their online shoppers coming back. Statistics show that 94 percent of visitors to e-commerce sites will not buy online if that the site lacks interactive customer service features such as live chat or instant callback, and 35 percent of Internet shoppers say theyid be willing to spend more money online if they could speak to a customer service rep. Throughout the past year, the proactive real-time support technology provided by Groopz has enabled businesses to increase online sales by as much as 70 percent.

Pricing for Groopz E-Commerce is based on the size of the Web site. You can find more information at the Groopz E-Commerce Web site.