Reader Report: Front Row Works with Other Macs

Front Row, Appleis new media management software, will work with Macs other than the new iMac on which it ships, according to reports submitted by TMO readers. According to those reports, the software worked when installed on a Power Mac G5 along with Appleis Universal Dock, which has a built-in infrared receiver, or Xkeys, software that allows you to customize your function keys.

Front Row allows users to remotely manage their media files -- including music, video, and photos -- from an easy to use graphical interface suitable for use from a couch. In other words, Front Row is Appleis first step to making the Mac into a media center computer/set top box, but itis currently only available with new iMac G5 models.

Apple has not announced plans to sell the software with other Macs, or as a standalone application, but itis clear that a combination of Apple or third party IR receivers and Front Row would give any Mac those abilities. Whether Apple sees the possibility of selling more iMacs or developing a new software revenue stream remains to be seen.