Real-Time Planetary Phases On Your Desktop With EarthGlobe

Gary C. Martin, the developer of the freeware application MoonDock, has released a preview of another app to add to your stargazing collection. EarthGlobe 0.9 is an application that allows you to see the daylight/seasonal changes of the Earth displayed on your desktop in real time. Gary writes:

EarthGlobe is a real-time, OpenGL rendered globe. Designed as a sister application to MoonDock - it provides a lightweight view of the Earth day-light/seasonal cycles and takes up few system resources so it can be left running on your desktop. This is a preview version, features are subject to change - feedback much appreciated.

You can see screenshots of EarthGlobe in action and download the preview version at Gary Martinis Web site, where youill also be able to check out MoonDock. Donit forget to send your suggestions and feedback!