RealBasic Developers Web Site Now Open

A new Web site dedicated to RealBasic developers is now available. is a gathering place for RealBasic developers looking for services including source code swapping and RB tutoring. According to is open

We are very happy to announce a new service for RealBasic developers, one of the best product for making application for the Mac platform.

All RealBasic developers in one place! With this online service, you can exchange and download source code, meet other developers, find an user of a Plug-In or a developer for your project.

We have more than 200 examples, Plug-In, tutorials available in the code section that you can download from our server. Each code is tested by our engineers and added to the database with a full commentary and indexation.

You can find more information about the new RealBasic developers site at the rbsouce Web site. Membership to is available for US$49.00 annually.