Real Time 3D Rendering From LightWorks

LightWork Design is now shipping LightWorks Real-time Plus. LightWorks Real-time Plus is a real time complex rendering app designed for interactive Web development. The app ships with interactive visualization models and real time navigation. According to LightWorks Design:

LightWork Design, the worldis leading supplier of quality advanced computer graphics software for rendering, simulation and verification solutions, today announced the launch of an exciting new product, LightWorks Real-time Plus.

LightWorks Real-time Plus helps software developers improve their usersi interactive experience. Previously, CAD systems only provided interactive navigation within simple models. Now, LightWorks Real-time Plus gives software developers the opportunity to create applications that can render large and complex models in real time.

Software developers integrating LightWorks Real-time Plus within their applications, will be able to offer the following benefits to their users:

  • Interactive visualization and review of models by all types of CAD user
  • Interactive and smooth real time navigation of large and complex 3D models
  • No investment in expensive hardware required

You can find more information about LightWorks Real-time Plus at the LightWorks Design Web site. Pricing of LightWorks Real-time Plus is available by contacting the sales department.