RealeStudios Shipping RealeWriter Picture Book Creator

RealeStudios, LLC has released a new app for Mac users, RealeWriter 1.0. RealeWriter is a utility designed for creating custom picture books for print or Web deployment. The app ships with support for digital image management and several printing formats. According to RealeStudios, LLC:

RealeStudios, LLC today shipped RealeWriter ("Really Writer"), a personal publishing application for Mac OS X, Mac OS Classic, and Windows which helps users create picture books, print them in several formats, save them as interactive Websites, and share them with family and friends.

Conceived by two nationally renowned literacy experts, RealeWriter will be an important tool in teaching people of all ages to read and helping them compose their own picture books.

The RealeWriter application manages digital images with its Contact Sheet and Image Organizer, arranges stories with its StoryBoard, places and overlays images and text with its Composer, and edits images with its built in Image Editor. RealeWriter leverages the Unicode standard, enabling use of all alphabetic languages such as Spanish and Navajo.

RealeWriter prints four different booklet formats called Webbes ("WEB-eez"), saves Internet ready WebbeSites ("WEB-ee-site"), and prints images and book planning documents. A free RealeReader is available so that everyone can read and enjoy these RealeWriter creations.

You can find more information about the RealeWriter release at the Component X Web site. RealeWriter is available for US$29.95.