Realmac Software Shipping MacMaid 2.1 With Drag-And-Drop Support

Realmac Software has released an update for MacMaid, bringing it to version 2.1. MacMaid is a desktop cleaning utility designed as a one-click download organizer. The update adds new enhancements including drag-and-drop support and bug fixes. According to Realmac Software:

Introducing MacMaid 2.1 from Realmac Software, the MUST HAVE cleaning utility for Mac OS X.

Keeping your desktop clean has never been so easy!

Not all of us clean up after ourselves, sometimes we leave downloaded files and documents cluttering up our desktop for weeks and never get around to moving them. Now you donit need to worry about it, MacMaid will do the cleaning for you.

Whatis New in Version 2.1:

  • Added favorites menu to let you remember checked rules
  • Added Drag and Drop support for the Fileguard table
  • Added View menu to customize and hide toolbar
  • Relaunching MacMaid is no longer required for preferences
  • Fixed major bug that made fileguard not work in some situations
  • Fixed bug that didnit allow you to remove scheduled folders
  • Minor changes to the interface to follow the Apple guidelines
  • MacMaid now runs in 10.3 (Panther)
  • The stripes in the settings tableview now show up

You can find more information about the latest MacMaid release at the Realmac Software Web site. MacMaid is available for US$9.95.