Realtime Midi Converter From PolyFractus

PolyFractus has released a new app for Mac users, PitchToMidi. PitchToMidi is a realtime audio to midi converter designed for musicians and audio engineers. The app is available as a VST plug-in and converts audio notes and pitch directly to the midi format. According to PolyFractus:

PolyFractus just released PitchToMidi (&Mac184;2M), the first audio-to-midi realtime converter!!!

Currently available as a VST plug-in, this software analyses the melody in any audio source (file or live input) and convert it into MIDI notes messages (pitch and velocity) to control any internal or external sound

Applications range from melody instant transcription, sound design to live performances...

You can find more information about the PitchToMidi release at the PolyFractus Web site. PitchToMidi is available for US$49.95.