Rebuilding iPhoto's Thumbnail Images

Just because you no longer see the correct thumbnail images, or if thumbnails are missing, for the pictures in your iPhoto Library, that doesnit mean your image collection is hosed. Those wayward previews may reappear if you rebuild iPhotois thumbnails.

Hereis how:

  • If iPhoto is running quit the application.
  • Command-Option double click iPhoto to launch it. iPhoto will launch and then display the Rebuild Photo Library dialog.
  • Rebuild the photosi small thumbnails should already be selected. If you canit see a photo unless it is blown up to full size, check Rebuild all of the photosi thumbnails.
  • Click the Rebuild button.

Use iPhotois Rebuild Photo Library dialog to restore missing thumbnails.

If all goes well, your photo thumbnail images will all be restored.

This is also where you go if your iPhoto Library is horribly messed up and you need to rebuild the iPhoto Library database, or if you need iPhoto to re-find images that used to appear in iPhoto, but have mysteriously disappeared.

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