Record Exec: Labels That Don't License To iTunes For Windows Are Crazy

Despite the surprising success of the iTunes Music Store for Macintosh, the serviceis Windows version has challenges to overcome before it is released later this year. The major challenge? Getting the labels to sign on for the Windows version at all. One record executive, however, thinks labels would be crazy not to sign deals with Apple. Rolling Stone examined the iMS and the future Windows version:

"Itis a small but reasonable audience, which is very encouraging," says Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine. "Itis our first real offensive move in this area."

Interscope artists are heavily featured on the site -- including top acts such as Eminem and U2, who have provided exclusive material. An acoustic version of U2is "Stuck in a Moment You Canit Get Out Of" is Appleis top download. "Anyone who has got a penicillin for whatis wrong with the music biz deserves our encouragement," says U2is manager, Paul McGuinness.


So far, due to ongoing piracy concerns, only two of the five major labels have reportedly signed deals allowing Apple to develop a Windows version. Those concerns are likely to grow now that hackers have found a way to use iTunes software to share music. But Iovine believes creating a Windows version is worth any risk. "Whoever doesnit license music for this is crazy," he says. "Itis a huge mistake."

More information, including a brief list of the top downloads on the iMS, can be found in the original Rolling Stone article.