Record Keeping App Updated

ProFunda Software has updated their data management/record keeping application, Storeys for Mac, to version 1.6. Storeys allows users to keep track of large amounts of data, providing an alternative to Excel for record keeping and management. According to ProFunda Software:

Large amounts of data in 3D spreadsheet environment: 3D spreadsheet Storeys is especially well-equipped for work with large amounts of data and handles sequential record keeping (such as monthly sales statistics, financial plans, scientific - or patient records) much in the same way as a database, still offering the ease of use that you normally only find in spreadsheets.

A true time-saver - The new intuitive 3-D approach provides a new world of opportunities and, therefore work in the 3rd dimension is turned into plain effectiveness.

Advanced consolidation without add-ons - Storeys makes it possible to consolidate data without add-ons or expensive databases:

  • and without any help by pivot-tables too
  • it?s all pure data and formulas in a true 3D spreadsheet solution.

    Storeys for Mac is available for a limited time for US$29. You can find more information at the ProFunda Software Web site.