RedLightRunner Gets New Collectibles

RedLightRunner has added 30 new Apple collectibles to the popular Mac enthusiast Web site. RedLightRunner is a site devoted to all things Mac releated and features everything from belt buckles to lapel pins. According to RedLightRunner:

30 New Apple Collectibles, New Sections Added to, the Source for Apple Logo Collectibles, has added 30 new rare Apple items to their collection. Included are a late i80is Beach Towel, featuring Clarus the Dogcow and several other icons of the early Mac years.

Also added are several vintage Apple jackets, and vintage Apple pens.To handle the new items and the ever expanding collection, 4 new "Super Rare" sections have been added, as well.

Also, the Frequently Asked Questions section has been updated and enhanced, and now features more information, and better navigation.

You can find more information about the 30 new collectibles at the RedLightRunner Web site.