RedLightRunner Gets New Collectibles

RedLightRunner has added 100 new Apple collectibles at the popular Mac enthusiast Web site. RedLightRunner is a site devoted to all things Mac releated and features everything from belt buckles to lapel pins. According to RedLightRunner:

RedLightRunner Adds 100 New Apple Items!

RedLightRunner today added 100 new rare Apple collectibles to their Website at the most Apple items ever added at one time in the history of the company.

Included are a rare 1970is era Apple Dealer Display Sign, early 1980is six-color Apple logo shoes, and several vintage briefcases and bags.

Also, through volume buying, RedLightRunner is now able to offer their lowest prices ever on several items, including Apple pens, stickers, and folders! has been buying and selling Apple Computer Collectibles since March of 1999, and continues to be the premier site for collectors,

You can find more information about the 100 new collectibles at the RedLightRunner Web site.